10 Reasons to Love Birding in Summer Lake, Oregon!

1. The High Desert beauty invites over 200 species of waterfowl, shore and water birds. Canada geese, Snow geese, Mallards, Hooded merganser, Red Neck, and Pheasants are just a few of the fowl feathered friends that visit our area. The Flyaway Restaurant, located right across from the Summer Lake Wildlife Viewing Area, can create a picnic lunch that you will love. A picnic area is available. 
Click to Summer Lake Wildlife Viewing Area Map for more info.

2. Birding is an inexpensive hobby. Bring a good pair of binoculars, comfortable shoes (hiking boots are an excellent idea for high desert hikes), and a decent camera. You may capture the picture of a lifetime! Stop by our Horsefeathers Gift Shop and pick up a hat before you go. Need breakfast? The Flyway Restaurant has a wonderful breakfast menu to give your body the energy for a brisk day.

3. Birding can provide a bit of walking or a day of outdoor exercise. Our high desert air is so fresh your lungs will thank you. Enjoy the beautiful wetlands and the scenic beauty of our area. Our weather is usually warm and sunny. 

4. You can enjoy birding regardless of your physical ability. Our dining room has binoculars conveniently located on the inside window sills. You can enjoy a delicious meal and watch the birds on our property. 

5. Break the “Screen” habit. Watching your fowl friends will provide you with hours of natural entertainment. Each bird has their own character, from the hen pecked to the prima donna, you’ll enjoy their quirks and song.

6. Make like-minded friends! Birding is a great social activity that allows you the opportunity to spend time with folks who are looking for healthy entertainment. Invite a few of your new friends over to our Hunt Club Gathering Lounge area for a glass of wine, or other favorite refreshments. Card tables are available for an evening extension of your social gathering.

7. What an awesome idea for a first date! Spend your day getting to know each other and enjoy nature’s beautiful birds and their surroundings. End your day with a delicious meal at our Flyway Restaurant. Enjoy fresh bread, a fabulous choice of entrée selections, and a good bottle of Oregon wine.  

8. Lower your blood pressure and refresh your body. Bird watching will bring you a sense of tranquility and peace. A great way to maintain your good health!

9. Birding is Educational. Birding is a fun way to learn about science, nature and the environment. It’s a great way to get to know our high desert area.

10. Your visit to the Summer Lake Wildlife Viewing Area will help support this area's survival! The birds’ thank you, and we do to. Come by the Lodge and we will be happy to share local information about our area. Spend some time with us and you may have the pleasure of seeing our waterfowl visitors arrive on our Trophy Bass pond, located right outside your cabin window. 

A Beautiful Oasis in the Oregon Outback!
Summer Lake is One of the Best Areas in Oregon  for Bird Viewing!
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The Lodge at Summer Lake
A Beautiful Oasis in the Oregon Outback
Pelican and Egrets-
Photographer Dennis Kirkland
Black Necked Stilt
Photographer Dennis Kirkland
The White Faced Ibis!